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The fashion industry is one or the polluting industries in the world responsible for 10% of global CO2 emissions and an increasing amount of clothing that gets worn less and less. Since 2002 the average usage of an item has decreased win more than 85% according to data from Euromonitor adding to the overall problem or under-wearing and over-production. “The Resell Tag” is a unique OR-code with a micro media budget woven into each piece or clothing. Once scanned, it activates a series or digital actions, automatically creating a sales ad for the item and promoting it across Facebook and Instagram to extend the garment’s life cycle in an easy and frictionless manner.

Famously Effective

We’re a creatively driven agency who work happily across a wide range of disciplines. We live and breathe the Grey mantra of Famously Effective, where we take great pride in making our clients famous and our work effective.

What We Do

Identifying opportunities and igniting solutions.
Making ideas that travel through culture.
Creating immersive and inspiring experiences.
Accelerating our ideas through network-thinking.
Bringing stories to life in every medium.
Hardwiring public interest and fame in everything we do.
Orchestration and connections planning.
Making the impossible possible.
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