We’re a creatively driven agency who work happily across a wide range of disciplines. We live and breathe the Grey mantra of Famously Effective, where we take great pride in making our clients famous and our work effective.


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OPEN culture

It is time to adapt to the new world order.
The needs of our customers have changed, and new media opportunities have seen the light of day. To be able to conquer the new world, cooperation is absolutely essential.

Cooperation means a composition of competencies, both internal and external, which from the start can determine what the right answer to the problem is – not in the form of which channels the agency can deliver on, but in the form of what will solve the customer’s problem. This is why we do away with the classic picture of the customer on the one side of the table and the agency on the other. We call this Open. And it is more than a principle – it is an invitation. An invitation into the engine room and the core of our work. And the process is not only for the sake of the customer. On the contrary. Open simply makes our work better. Because each task receives the best of us, the best team, the best specialists and the best from our partners and customers. Therefore, we create better ideas – faster.

We are not better than our latest work, and in the long run, we live off our cases. If we are to exist in five years, then the journey there starts already today.

Long ideas

Never has the media given us so many options as today. And this can be seen by our media consumption and media habits. We use media in a more and more fragmented manner. Therefore, the ideas must shape the media selection and channels and not vice-versa. In order to always create appropriate solutions, we work with Long Ideas as concepts.

Long ideas are basically more about what you do than what you say.

They create meaningful conversations between like-minded individuals. They create momentum by allowing themselves to get more and more carried away in the sentiment and involved. The ideas must be so unique and innovative that people want to spend time on them, share them with one another, spread it, take it on, try it, use it and tell everyone else about it. Long ideas work harder, last longer and are thus more effective. They have real cultural influence, create relevance and they allow brands to “do” and not just “say”.

By nature, they are more measurable, because they create consumer involvement and change behaviour.

Famously effective

Famously Effective has been our philosophy since 1917. In short, it means producing exceptional work that creates real cultural value and which prompts commercial success. It is first and foremost about the work we do for our customers.

The work gives brands, customers and agencies praise that makes national headlines and attracts attention from high and low. But even more important, it creates the commercial success of our customers’ business. That goes beyond the objectives by becoming a part of popular culture and is intended to have a real life outside the paid media insertions. In addition, it is an ambition for us as an agency which we live by. It makes us deliver better work, and we believe that it keeps us at the forefront of our industry.

Or as we usually say: It is not for fun that we are fun…


Being in the creative industry has never been more interesting than it is now. The industry has never been more fragmented, and the consumer has never been more difficult to get a hold of.
Insight & strategy

When we work with strategy, it is always linked to Famously Effective. It is important to us that we change the status quo and tackle areas where we can make the biggest difference to our customers. A strong strategy connects the objectives of the business with marketing or other business goals and finally with the goals of the communication and stakeholder interaction. Or in Danish, why do we do it? Our strategic tool is designed to speed up the transformation of the brand by reinforcing the brand’s cultural influence and manage the reputation of the brand and the company.

We call it SHIFT!

SHIFT puts cultural ambitions in the centre of everything we do. SHIFT will propel your brand or business to its North Star. SHIFT will get people to wonder whether your brand exists or not. A strong strategy is anchored in the challenges of the business and your brand. It is anchored in deep and relevant insight into consumer, the business, category and culture. How can we change the behaviour of the consumer or the perception of your company and which emotions can we address. Equally important is the respect and understanding of the company heritage and purpose. What are the category’s standards and not least how can these be challenged. Finally, which cultural role can the brand take and with what ambitions.


Being in the creative industry has never been more interesting than it is now. The industry has never been more fragmented, and the consumer has never been more difficult to get a hold of. It requires integrated solutions, prepared by an integrated team so that we can secure solutions with world-class creativity, which follows the consumer throughout the entire customer journey. We are convinced that creativity is the shortcut to influence. That creativity strengthens influence and that creativity must strengthen the commercial interests of our customers.

Creativity must directly contribute positively to sales, profits and brand value in the business of our customers. Creativity is our most important asset. Our ambitions are always to deliver creativity on an international level. And we compare ourselves with the best. We strive to develop ideas which make people reconsider what they thought they knew about the brand and the category. Ideas which create praise and ideas that involve, engage and create debate. It is demanding. And it puts demands on our culture. We invite our customers into the core of idea development. We want to work with the best. And we are never satisfied.


When you work with integrated solutions like we do, you work with complex campaigns and complex campaign structures. With many points of contact which must follow the entire customer journey. Across multiple channels and sometimes across multiple countries.

As a part of the implementation, we work with FRAME.

A tool that enables us to map the customer journey. From early before the purchasing stage, during the purchasing phase itself and finally to the period after the purchase. The model allows us to bring our communications into each of the contact points in order to develop effective integrated communication. The campaign is optimised. And it is an agile process in which we constantly evaluate and also improve after we have gone live.

The implementation ensures how we best launch the campaign and think about the roles of the various channels in interaction and how these can be orchestrated. During the implementation phase, we ensure that the correct creative work is placed in the right channels at the right times. To ensure presence and interest. The implementation phase has over time become increasingly important as our modern channel mix gives us the opportunity to constantly improve the campaign and the results of the campaign. Even after we have gone live.


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