jem&fix | Ik så meget snak 2.0

By featuring the misfortunes of people who shop at competitive stores or put off buying what they need until it’s on discount, we built upon our previous “Ik’ så meget snak” campaign, using humor to tell effective stories of jem & fix’ concept. While entertaining we communicated their main USPs of daily low prices, courteous self-service, local presence, and great digital service.

For years, jem & fix has been the low-price king of the Danish household retail market. With the business expanding in Sweden and Norway, we wanted to create a Scandinavian campaign that was memorable, broke through the clutter and put our brand top of mind with price-minded customers across the Nordic countries. The campaign was spread across TV, radio, SoMe, and print.

The campaign was a success. Through country specific market research, test audiences responded favorably to the campaign in all countries, scoring extra high within brand recognition, humor, and general appeal. Enjoy.

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