Burger King | Astro Whopper

Turns out there’s a giant burger floating around in outer space. And it’s flame grilled! Meet Gomez’ Hamburger – a 10.000° flaming hot, sun-like star discovered in 1985 by the astrophotographer Arturo Gomez. When it flew over South Africa, we seized the opportunity to create a truly out-of-this-world experience and remind everyone what Burger King is all about.


The challenge was simple: find the Whopper space, get a Whopper on earth.
Through a custom built web-application people could acess a sky-scanner and unlock a free Whopper when they found Gomez’s Hamburger.


The activation was launched with an extensive campaign across social, OOH, and in-store including a mini-documentary featuring Arturo Goméz himself, who 40 years after it’s discovery reamed Gomez’s Hamburger to Gomez’s Whopper.

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