Bolia 2022

Bolia’s timeless, crafted designs are inspired by the vivid Scandinavian nature: the changing seasons, calm colours, captivating details, and durable materials. So naturally, with the same elements of inspiration in mind, we created a visual universe that brings the collection into life on all platforms.

A visual universe where spaces of creativity, flexibility and playfulness can unfold, as our home is not merely a place of shelter and rest, but also a place for mindful rituals, workouts, entertainment, dining, exciting new business ventures and calming hobbies.

The ever-changing, the fluid and the free.
+45 3330 0100
Rosenborggade 15, 3. floor
DK 1130-K
Hack Kampmanns Plads 1, 2 tv.
DK 8000 C
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