Bolia 2022

The new visual universe we have created for Bolia is inspired by the changing nature that surrounds us – just like the Bolia designs.
It lets spaces of creativity, flexibility and playfulness unfold, as our home is not merely a place of shelter and rest, but also a place for mindful rituals, workouts, entertainment, dining, exciting new business ventures and secret hobbies.


Please enjoy a stroll through the calm, luxurious, and beautiful spaces we have created, framed by the beauty of nature. Ever-changing and free.

Our beautiful world is evolving, and with it, so are we.

In the fluidity of life, we are becoming more aware of the amazing opportunities we have, the choices we make, and the footprint we leave behind. Inspired by nature we find exciting new ways to grow, we liberate our creativity and make changes towards something better.

The ever-changing, the fluid and the free.

Famously Effective

We’re a creatively driven agency who work happily across a wide range of disciplines. We live and breathe the Grey mantra of Famously Effective, where we take great pride in making our clients famous and our work effective.

What We Do

Identifying opportunities and igniting solutions.
Making ideas that travel through culture.
Creating immersive and inspiring experiences.
Accelerating our ideas through network-thinking.
Bringing stories to life in every medium.
Hardwiring public interest and fame in everything we do.
Orchestration and connections planning.
Making the impossible possible.
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Ny Østergade 14–20
DK 1101-K
Hack Kampmanns Plads 1, 2 tv.
DK 8000 C
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