CheapflightsDrag, Drop and Go

The brief was to create a web banner campaign showcasing Cheapflights dedication to taking the complexity out of finding the best value flights through the application of innovative, intuitive technologies.



The Challenge

Taking the ‘Smart Search. Made Simple’ concept to the next level by turning our media space into a simple flight search.Searching for flights to the next sports, music and arts events just got as easy as dragging an image.

A lot of people travel to experience sports, arts and music live. According to recent UK report, 45% of live music audiences were music tourists and there were 9.5 million music tourists in the UK alone.


This is how it works

The user drags and drops an image onto the Cheapflights banner, which captures and analyses it, then feeds the detailed content description of the image to multiple service APIs to establish if the photo shows a singer, actor or sports star.

This information is then fed to ticket sale services, such as Ticketmaster or Songkick, to find out when and where next public event is taking place. The Cheapflights API is then used to search for the best flights to that event from the user’s location (which is determined by a location API). Flight search results are then sent back and displayed in the banner within a few seconds.

Famously effective

Engagement rate was 145% – way higher than the benchmark for other digital campaigns. 92% of users interacting with the banner clicked through to the Cheapflights website. It has now become Cheapflights new way of using digital display media.

Awards & Mentions

Cannes Lions – Promo & Activation – Silver

Cannes Lions – Direct – Silver

Cannes Lions – Media – Silver

Cannes Lions – Cyber – Bronze

Danish Digital Awards –  Data Application – Gold

The Webby Awards – Display & Banner Advertising – Peoples Voice

DAD – Use of Online Advertising – Silver

One Show, Interactive – Online Advertising – banners – Silver

Creative Circle – Direct Data Driven – Silver

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