Netto & WFF – Project Plastic-Smart

Plastic waste is a huge problem for our climate. As Denmark’s largest retailer Netto wanted to take an active role in minimizing its own plastic footprint in their stores, in their operations but also in nature. Together with WWF Denmark and Netto, we created a partnership called Project Plastic-Smart which invited Danish families to participate in a citizen science programme. The aim to learn more about the forms and amounts of plastic waste on 10 Danish beaches. More than 600 families applied to participate. Close to 40 families were selected to help Netto and WWF to investigate our beaches. The results were staggering. More than 600 kg. of plastic waste was collected and mapped. Local, regional and national media was invited to follow the work resulting in more than 100 articles and features in TV and magazines and radio. The full report from the project can be found at