Netto – Merry NettOpen

As Denmark’s largest retailer Netto experience surplus foods from time to time. Therefore, Netto has committed to reaching a 50 % food waste reduction by 2030. In order to support this goal and also do good in society, we develop a project together with Netto and FødevareBanken, Denmark’s largest food bank, to open up Netto stores Christmas Eve, when everything else is closed for business. But not for all. Only for socially vulnerable Danes which otherwise would not afford a Christmas dinner. More than 40 tonnes of free food was redistributed to during the day with help from more than 100 volunteers from Netto and FødevareBanken, servicing in-store, and driving food out to people who could not attend in person. Media and national politicians helped spread the Christmas spirit and resulted in coverage in media and SoMe.