NATURLI’, Denmarks leading plant-based FMGC brand, faced an unusual challenge in the fall of 2019. Their popular Kakaodrik was facing an unfair tax compared to its dairy competitors. All because of a 100-year-old law. Yeah, too old.
After several failed attempts to contact the government, they asked for helped to gain their attention.

We needed an influencer. A political influencer. But the problem was, that the most popular political influencer in Denmark, Kirsten Birgit, wasn’t able to help us do to public service rules. So, what did we do? We planned an on-air feature with our CEO Henrik Lund and Kirstin Birgit, live in the radio – all fitted to the narrative around Kirstin Birgit already being produced by Radio24syv.

In return we got 2 x 10 minutes features, where the tax problem was discussed, all culminating in an on-air influencer-campaign for NATURLI’ Kakaodrik. We basically infiltrated Danish public service radio and executed our campaign live while all of Denmark was listening. Including Morten Bødskov, the Danish Minister of the Treasury, who in the end changed the law.