Børns Vilkår

The Child Helpline is a program, where children can seek advice, consolation or talk to a grownup, who have the time to listen.
Every day, all year Børns Vilkår have a team of volunteers, who are sitting by the phone ready to listen and council Danish children, in all matters.

Even though the phone number for the Danish Child Helpline is quite easy to recall 116-111 – we are no longer used to remember phone numbers by heart, seeing that almost all contact information is kept on our smartphones. Furthermore, Børns Vilkår has experienced that the connotation to the Child Helpline is thought to be rather childish and uncool in larger parts of their target groups.

Therefore, to get the Child Helpline back on the target group’s mind, we sought out to make the Child Helpline cool by association, knowing that the target group spend a lot of time on social media following and looking up to different music artists, YouTubers, street stylists, radio hosts etc.

Together with Le Fix, we created a seamless clothing line branded with the phone number of the Child Helpline on the chest – to help elevate awareness of the program. We equipped eight handpicked influencers with our clothes, having them help communicate the importance of reaching out to the Child Helpline in any matter, big or small, on their social platforms, as well as pushing the message out via Børns Vilkår’s own social platforms throughout a six week campaign period.