Bolia X Oh Land

As a lifestyle brand, has been on a mission: to blur the lines between music, art and fashion. And this year Bolia took yet another important step onto this journey. They took their brand idea, No One Lives Like You, and their design-principle of New Scandinavian design, to brand new heights with the Danish multi-talented Oh Land. The singer, producer, model and designer is known for being stylish, colorful, completely self-styled and quirky – and the embodiment of “Blurring the lines”. A collaboration celebrating the intersection between music, art and fashion – and the perfect partner and muse for Bolia.

The collaboration spawned various content throughout a year, starting with an exclusive live performance, releasing a brand new song from Oh Lands upcoming album in a Bolia Sofa Session. To unfold the universe created by Oh Land and Bolia, she co-designed a best-selling product, and the cooperation peaked with realeasing a song and music video from Oh Lands newest album “Family Tree” directed by Danish model, director, and photographer, Helena Christensen, where Bolia played a supporting role.