WeberGenesis II

2016 saw Webers biggest grill launch ever – the Genesis II – something every barbeque fan was dying to get a first hand look at.


The Challenge

How do you show off a premium product that is usually sold in less flattering environments?


The realization

To create a genuinely deep engagement with the audience we decided to leverage the one thing that they all could relate to: their love for barbecuing. Therefore our ambition was to provide a number of useful tools, learning and inspiration for grill enthusiasts around the world.


The solution

Wet took the entire experience and make this personal and up-close and as beautiful as possible.

This pioneering digital showroom is designed throughout as a interactive first person experience – seemlessly combining point of view film with WebGL product demonstrations and immersive 360 environments.

Your journey starts as the main character at the BBQ.The film leads you through the bustling backyards and introduces you to the grill of your choice. At this point we switch from film to interactive experience – leading you to explore every detail in a state of the art grill – first hand.

Try it here


Awards & Mentions

FWA – Site of the day

AWWWARDS – Site of the day

Danish Digital Awards – Websites/Microsites – Gold

Hermes Creative Award – website design – platinum

Hermes Creative Award – Microsite – platinum

Hermes Creative Award – Mobile website – platinum

Hermes Creative Award – Business to Consumer – platinum

Hermes Creative Award – Product – platinum

Creative Circle Awards – Digital Client of the year 2017

Creative Circle Awards – Product Sites & Apps – gold

Creative Circle Awards – Digital Brand Experience – gold

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