CheapflightsSpin the globe

Cheapflights wanted to promote their flight search service in a fun and engaging way – inspired by the good old explorers who used to spin a globe to figure out where to go next.


The solution

The interactive game used incredible WebGL graphics and real time flight search data to bring life to this spinning globe. To start the game users had to spin the visually stunning globe to land on one out of five destinations.

Each destination was carefully crafted using polygon graphics and animations and with strong references to the actual landmarks of the destination. Within the given time it was up to the user to collect

Cheapflights coins to participate in the competition for winning flight tickets.Once you had visited one city you could spin the globe for a second, third, fourth and fifth turn.

Famously effective

The project was live from August 11th – September 26th, 2016. During the campaign, we gained a total number +149.000 entries to “Spin the Globe” where 49.000 of these were unique, showcasing that not only could we generate relevant traffic – people also re-visited the site to get more inspired to travel.

The gamification element showed out to be a significant engagement force in the campaign, making people take an average of 3,04 spins on every visit!

This clearly show that the campaign platform succeeded in engaging and entertaining people. In addition to this 40% of all unique entries shared their traveling result on their private social media profiles making a significant organic outreach of +6 million impressions.

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