United Nation (UNFPA)


For the past 25 years, women’s and girls’ rights and opportunities have moved in the right direction, but things have not moved far enough. That was one of the key themes at the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) summit in Nairobi in November 2019, involving 160 countries and 6,000 people. Every day, hundreds of future mothers die giving birth. Girls under 18 get married and millions of women do not have access to birth control or basic female hygiene products. Together with heads of state, ministers, devoted organisations and decision-makers from around the globe, UNFPA aimed to put focus on women’s rights and health at the 2019 UNFPA Summit in Nairobi.


The UNFPA Summit 2019 was heavily supported by the Danish Government and was the 25th anniversary of the summit and was attended by the Minister of Culture Rasmus Prehn and Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary. Though, being held in Nairobi far from Denmark, the summit and the debate did not manage to make headlines in Denmark. Therefore, UNFPA needed help to elevate and reposition the summit and its central agenda amongst and with respect to the relevant Danish news outlets and key stakeholders. With the goal to raise awareness about the summit in Danish media and to get at least one media to cover the summit in Nairobi, UNFPA via WPP partner Ogilvy reached out to Grey Public for Nordic PR support to get women’s right and UNFPA on the agenda.


To make the media, the Danes and relevant stakeholders aware of the summit, we focused on creating a strong Nordic narrative. As part of our strategy, we offered exclusive interviews with Dr. Kaneem, Director of UNFPA and a trip to Nairobi to cover the summit first-hand for selected journalists in order to make the UNFPA Summit and important agendas relevant to the media. Further, we reached out and activated the highly acknowledged, culture sociologist and speaker, Emelia van Hauen. This led to a featured article written by Emilia about her own experiences from her travels in African communities and tribes a decade earlier and her reflections on the state of women’s rights and health in every society today.


The goal of the UNFPA assignment was to make the media aware of the summit and get them to put the cause on their agenda. We did that – and more. Due to Grey Public’s great media relations and the virtuous, relevant story we managed to engage several major Danish newspapers with interviews, pictures and live coverage from the summit in Nairobi. This resulted in numerous articles and features in national newspapers, a front-page story and interviews in the media. This coverage led to additional stories across platforms including national radio and TV coverage.