Kitchen Aid


KitchenAid is a well-known brand household worldwide and most people recognize the kitchen machines in the famous red color. In 2018 KitchenAid was ranked number 8 amongst brands that U.S. consumers can’t live without, and KitchenAid wanted their products to have the same meaning for food loving Danes too.


Even though KitchenAid is a well-known brand in Denmark, the market for home appliances is getting more and more competitive. So, the importance for KitchenAid to build its brand to fend off competition in Denmark was paramount.


Before Grey Public started working with KitchenAid in 2018, they had a very silo-based communications approach to product PR & marketing – mainly focus on pushing product news for trade media and home & food magazines. Therefore, it was difficult to generate more clippings solely based on classic product news thus, KitchenAid needed a new strategy. Our recommended solution was to make the Danes understand that KitchenAid is more than a kitchen product by creating an integrated cross-channel communication framework. Going forward KitchenAid should have ongoing product PR and stylist seeding programmes for both food, women, lifestyle and interior media with a SoMe influencer strategy led by a new KitchenAid ambassador.

A PR love story: Media relations has been a very important part of the new KitchenAid strategy to expand the media range. We have continuously reached out to journalists, made samplings and loan of product for tests and offered interviews with key persons from KitchenAid. With the media relations we have also strived to shift focus from KitchenAid as a pure kitchen tool to a lifestyle product. This has contributed to the great success with lots of clippings in 2019. Furthermore, we made an agreement with GO’ morgen, Danmark who received a range of KitchenAid products for their TV kitchen, which should be used by the TV chefs when cooking in GO’ morgen, Danmark. Thus, KitchenAid’s products have been on TV every week during 2019.

The perfect influencer match: Influencer marketing has become a much bigger part of working with product PR, therefore, we worked with KitchenAid to identify a perfect fit of an ambassador instead of individual influencer collaborations as it creates more credibility and often gives a much better result. KitchenAid entered its first Danish ambassadorship with the influencer Liv Martine Hansen, who won The Great Bake off in 2015 and Christmas Edition 2018. Liv Martine’s values are consistent with KitchenAid’s values and Liv has a very relevant target group, which also aligns with KitchenAid’s target group.

Developing eventful relations: In May 2019, KitchenAid celebrated its 100th anniversary, where we facilitated a press event for journalists. This was a good way to meet, interact and develop relations with the journalists. Liv Martine attended the event and told about her relationship with KitchenAid and the recognized sociologist and lifestyle commentator, Emilie van Hauen, gave a presentation of the kitchen history over the past 100 years.

Creating cross-sector relevance: As it was limited how much coverage KitchenAid could receive on pure product news, we recommended KitchenAid to expand their themes and start tapping into other agendas as food waste in order to stay relevant on the market and reach other types of media. During 2020, KitchenAid will focus on food waste through collaborations with influencers and media relations


After our collaboration started with KitchenAid, we have increase media coverage 100 % from 2017 to 2019. 11.5 clips a month in a small market like Denmark, speaks for itself. We also made a collaboration with GO’ morgen, Danmark, which lead to increased number of TV-clippings in 2019. The new influencer ambassador, Liv Martine, generated high quality content, which has been great visibility for KitchenAid, and she has gone from having approx. 65,000 followers in early 2019 to today having 104,000 followers. KitchenAid’s 100th anniversary was wrapped up in October with a cover and a two-page article (plus frontpage) in Jyllands-Posten’s design supplement, which was the perfect timing for Christmas trading. During 2019, we have started moving KitchenAid further into the interior universe to position the machines as an interior choice more than a kitchen machine.