Crisis & Issues Management

With an increase in transparency around the world, more powerful NGOs, more active politicians and increasing risks from cyber-crime over terrorism to climate created disasters, issues and crisis are a given for any successful organization today. Regardless of sector or legacy. At Grey Public we help our clients to prepare best possible for managing a crisis when it happens, by knowing your issues in advance and mitigating the risks for each – and ensuring that a crisis plan is in place & your crisis team is trained to perform. We also help clients amid a crisis as trusted advisors and media handlers.

We can help in any market and are accustomed to working in close collaboration with other company advisors from legal entities over governmental bodies to conglomerates with multi-stakeholder setups across various markets.

Due to sensitivity of issues and crisis work, we do not list cases. If in need please contact us directly at +45 3119 4900 or +45 2015 8250.