Americans Abroad voteDenmark Vs Trump

DK political party, encouraged American expats to vote with ad that literally rolled it’s eyes at Trump



The Challenge

With the US presidential election in full swing Denmark got dragged into the political agenda over and over again. To distance themselves from the electorial circus, the Danish left wing party, SF, engaged the 8714 US expats living in Denmark (and the millions of US expats in the rest of the world) in the battle against Donald Trump.

The Solution

We wrapped one of the busiest busses in Copenhagen with a tongue-in-cheek statement placed on the side of the bus. It read: and encouraged Americans living in Denmark to vote. A huge portrait of Donald Trump was placed above the wheels of the bus, with customized wheel caps looking like his eyeballs. When the bus rolled down the street, so did his eyes, displaying him as the lunatic he is. The bus ad directed people to where they could learn where and how to vote from abroad.

Famously effective

In less than a week:

Reach: +5.7 Billion people

Media impressions: +1 Billion

Earned Media Value: + €18.2 Million

Article Reads: +7.38 Million

Social Reach: +100 Million

Social Action: +342 Thousand

Views on user generated content like GIFs on Reddit, Imgur and those alike: +3.1 Million

Global news media publishers covering the story: 125

Awards & Mentions

ADC Cubes – Bronze cube